PLEASE ZOOM IN/OUT your browser to the most suitible size to play!

There is also a FULLSCREEN button at the right-bottom corner (Here                      ↑      ) of the game viewport

A, D - Move left and right

J - Enter Door

K - Jump

R - Restart current Level



The Slug needs to escape the rooms, while the strange thing is that the slug need to make sure every one (include his enemy and self) should be alive.

Just Keep it alive and go. 


All the material and resources (Arts, Code and Music) are created within the 72 hours of compo time by the contributors (Foursay & Shadowcasting), except for all sound effect (which is open cc resource **The Essential Retro Video Game Sound Effects Collection**, created by ***Juhani Junkala***).

Thank you for playing this game! 

Keep it alive - keep everyone alive!![LD46.jpg](///raw/202/02/z/30c15.png)

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